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We are proud of the quality manufacturers we represent and we are also proud of our years of association and growth with them.  Increased market share with each product line we represent is our constant goal.  Please click on the manufacturers' logos below to go to their web sites.

GPK Products
Fargo, ND
PVC Pipe Fittings - 4” - 36” gasketed & solvent weld sewer fittings 4” - 24” Sch 40 DWV fittings, 8" - 30" drain basins and grates
GPK Products

Indiana Seal
Fargo, ND

Flexible pipe couplings, adapters, seal caps and compression seals Indiana Seal
Racine, MN
Insulated PVC pipe and fittings

Edwardsberg, MI
Levalarm, mercury and mechanical pump switches; high level alarms
Northern Wire
St. Cloud, MN
Lake Strainer - Strainers to prevent pump fouling when pumping from a lake
Paige Electric Corp.
Union, NJ
Submersible pump cable, irrigation control cable & thermostat wire

O.J. Bergland & Associates, Inc.
11100 French Lake Rd
Maple Grove, MN. 55369
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